System Administration

Compare User Access to Content Between WebApps and System Administration

The Security Administration Reconciliation with Governance Applications report lists instances where the security setup is out of synch between System Administration and the WebApp.

The report compares a user’s access to content within the WebApp (MDM Positions,Mass Maintenance Template Roles, and Data Quality Groups) with the access expected based upon user assignment to security roles that have associated Security Definition Key Values and User Specific Security Definition Key Values.

This misalignment may occur when user accounts are being migrated to central security on upgrade to version 7.1 and later, or because content (represented by security definition key values) has been deleted.

The report includes a comment field to explain the cause of reconciliation differences due to the following reasons:

  • User is Backup user in Conduct.
  • Position is deleted
  • Monitor Group is deleted
  • Compose Template Role is deleted
  • User is creator of a Compose template
  • User is owner of a Monitor Group

These issues can be resolved by adding the users to the relevant security roles.

NOTE: There can be temporary differences due to the deletion of application-specific content. These misalignments can be resolved by refreshing the Security Definition Key Values, by accessing the Security Definition Key Values page for the security definition that contained the deleted content.