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Configure Excel Integration Overview

Excel Integration allows users to import records from a worksheet in an Excel Workbook file by one of the following methods:

  • Page-level Import — A user can manually import the Excel file via the Page Gear menu > Excel Integration (if the feature is enabled on the page).
  • Public WebApp Event — The Public WebApp event, added to the page as a business rule, can import the Excel file without user involvement. This is useful if an Excel file should be imported every day at a certain time from a service page.

NOTE: Refer to the Knowledge Base article on the Syniti Support site Stewardship Tier Microsoft® Excel® Integration Developer Guide for information about running Excel Integration via a Public WebApp event.

To perform Excel Integration on a Construct page or a page for a custom WebApp, the Page Designer must enable the feature on the page. Refer to Enable Excel Integration for more information.

The Excel template uses the current user’s language, set on the My Profile page, to translate the translated column name and the help text in the template. Translated phrases must exist for the column headers and help text for them to display in the spreadsheet. Refer to Set the Language for the Translated Column Name Header in the Excel Template for more information.

Excel Integration cannot be performed on a page if it is read only.

NOTE: The security definitions associated with a user’s role may prevent that user from viewing records added via Excel Integration. If a user’s role prevents that user from viewing records on a page through a security definition, and the UPDATE USER DEFINITION ON SAVE check box on the Security Definitions Pages page is unchecked, the user can add records to the page using Excel Integration. However, the user cannot view these records.

Refer to Use Excel Integration, the Knowledge Base article Use Excel Integration to Create or Update Multiple User Accounts and the Data Insiders article Excel Integration for more information.

Configure Excel Integration includes the following topics: