System Administration

Create Catalogs

Catalogs, which can be applied at the page, the WebApp or the system level, contain groups of WebApp phrases and WebApp phrase translations. They can be tailored to contain a complete WebApp or system phrase set, a subset of phrases, such as SAP field names, or a larger set of phrases that can be applied to several WebApps.

Refer to Manage Catalogs for general information.

To create a catalog:

  1. Select Admin > Translations > Catalogs in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Catalogs page.

  3. Enter a catalog name in the NAME field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Vertical View for the new catalog.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Enter details about the catalog in the Description field, such as whether it is a page, a WebApp or a system catalog..
  8. Click Save.

Phrases can be added to the catalog manually or can be imported. Refer to Add Phrases to Catalogs and Import and Export Phrase Files for more information.