System Administration

Enable Bulk Execution for a Page

Before Bulk Execution can be configured and performed on a page, it must be enabled by the Page Designer for an OnValidate event that runs in the foreground on that page.

If this type of event does not exist for the page, add it. Refer to Create an OnValidate Page Event for Bulk Execution for more information.

NOTE: For Bulk Execution to work, at least one field has to be enabled on the Horizontal View. Refer to Set Column Control Status for more information.

NOTE: By default, the first column on the page displays in the failed Bulk Execution results. To display additional columns to the results, enable the Show in Navigation check box in the Page Columns page’s Vertical View.

To enable Bulk Execution for a page:

  1. Select WebApps in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Pages icon for a WEB APP NAME.
  3. Click the Events icon for a DESCRIPTION.
  4. Click Vertical View for an OnValidate event that runs in the foreground.
  5. Click the Advanced Properties tab.>
  6. Enable the Support Bulk Execution check box; the Bulk Execution tab displays.

    NOTE: This check box only displays for OnValidate Events.

  7. Click Save.