System Administration

Merge a Language

This feature is used by customers who are upgrading to 6.0 who have a custom language that must be merged with a Stewardship Tier language delivered with 6.0. For example, if a user had entered Spanish translations prior to 6.0, the Merge Language feature allows the user to merge the translations into the Spanish language delivered with 6.0.

To merge a language:

  1. Select Admin > Configuration > Setup > Languages.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Languages page

  3. Enter the name of the language in English in the LANGUAGE field.
  4. Enter the name of the language as written in the language in the NATIVE NAME field.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the Merge Language button that displays on the newly added row.
  7. Select the language to merge into from the Target Language ID list box.
  8. Click Save.

NOTE: The Languages are merged. The record added on the Languages page no longer displays.