System Administration

Plugin Functionality

The framework plugin API provides access to information about the current user session, the page from which the plugin is called, as well as several additional functions. These properties and functions can be accessed by the IPluginService object created when the plugin class is called. This object is referenced by typing Host.

The following are three commonly used classes:

  • Host.Page. – Access page properties and functions
  • Host.Session – Access session properties and functions
  • Host.Environment – Access the Stewardship Tier environment properties and functions. Within the Host object there several useful functions:
    • Host.WriteMessage – Writes a message to the screen
    • Host.Session.Translate – Translates a string based on the current user’s login language
    • Host.SystemAdministration.DecryptOrPass – Decrypts an encrypted string. Set the encoding property to System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.