System Administration

Review Packing List to Exclude Specific Items

Once the package is built, review the list of package items to exclude specific items from the package.

To exclude items from the package:

  1. Verify the package was built.
  2. From the CTS Build page, click Packing List.
  3. Click the button corresponding to the type of item to review (All, User Defined, SQL Object, SQL Script, File, Folder, Data) on the CTS Packing List Summary page.
  4. To exclude the entire configuration item (for example, dspCompose – Team, CranSoft – SQL Object), click the Exclude button on the CTS Packing List page or

    To exclude an individual packing list item, click Exclude on the CTS Packing List By Config Item page.

    NOTE: To select a contiguous range of records, hold down the Shift key and select the first and last records in the range. To select a noncontiguous range of records, hold down the Ctrl key and select each record.

NOTE: If the item needs to be added back to the package, return to the CTS Build page and click the Items icon. The excluded items display in the Items list with the Include check box unchecked. Either check the Include check box or delete the specific Item that you want to re-include. Then, rebuild the CTS Package using the Build Packing List button on the CTS Build page.

NOTE: Once an archive is built, click Manifest on the Archives page to view the contents.

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