System Administration

Stage User Roles

Administrators can stage user role assignments, either manually or using Excel Integration, that either add or remove role assignments to selected users. Staging user roles allows a user to add multiple user role assignments in one process. Refer to Use Excel Integration for more information.

User role assignments have two process types:

  • Add—Assigns role to user
  • Remove— Unassigns role from user

To manually stage a user role assignment in System Admin:

  1. Select Security > Users in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the User Roles Staging icon in the Page toolbar.
  3. Select a user from the USER ID list box.
  4. Select a role from the ROLE ID list box.
  5. Select a process type from the PROCESS TYPE list box.
  6. Click Save.

Process Staged User Roles

Once user roles assignments are in the staging table, they must be processed to action the user role assignment updates. Users can process roles individually or all at once.

To process user role assignments individually, select a user role and click either the:

  • Assign To Role icon
  • Unassign To Role icon.

NOTE: The Assign To Role function only works for user roles with the Add Process Type. The Unassign To Role function only works for user roles with the Remove Process Type.

NOTE: Users can select multiple records by holding Shift/Ctrl and clicking; however, the records must all have the same Process Type for the Assign To Role and Unassign To Role icons to process the selection.

To validate that the Process Type is aligned with the role assignment, click the Validate All icon in the Page toolbar.

Records in the staging table that have been either assigned or unassigned are marked as processed and can be deleted.

To remove processed records from the staging table, click the Remove Processed icon in the Page toolbar.

To remove all records from the staging table, click the Remove All icon in the page toolbar.