Using the Technical Help Page

Use the Technical Help to view the database object names for underlying design elements on any page in the Stewardship Tier.

Watch the video: Using the Technical Help Page

To access the Technical Help on any page:

  1. Click the gear on the site toolbar.
  2. Click Technical Help in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Technical tab.

To see the name of the database that the WebApp is using:

  1. Click Web App.
  2. Click DataSource.
  3. View the entry in the Database Name field.

    NOTE: Click the links again to collapse them.

To see a view controlling a page column property:

  1. Click Page Column Properties.
  2. Click the number link that corresponds to the Column Name for which you need to find the underlying database object.

    NOTE: Even though the Stewardship Tier identifies the object behind the list as a table, it is probably a view. Copy the name of the view to use for a filtered search in SQL Server Management Studio.

  3. Navigate to the database listed in the Technical Help.

To filter the search for the underlying database object:

  1. Right-click Views.
  2. Select Filter.
  3. Select Filter Settings.
  4. Click the empty field for the Value column and enter the database object view name.
  5. Use this filtered view to analyze the underlying database object.

    NOTE: Any changes to objects delivered with the Stewardship Tier will not be supported and could be lost in Stewardship Tier upgrades. The only exception is the addition of Table Indexes, which is recommended for correcting performance issues.