Configure Object Execution Plan Templates

After execution data has been configured for a Wave Process Area Object in Console and an Object’s Load Cycle is configured, the aggregated execution planning data can be pulled into an Execution Template in Transform. Execution Templates help simplify the gathering of records and provide a central place to manage iterative migration processing tasks.

To create an Object Execution Template in Transform:

  1. Click the Objects icon.
  2. Click the Execution Template icon for an Object.
  3. Click the Import From Console icon in the toolbar.

    View the field descriptions for the Object Execution Template page

  4. Click Edit for a record.

    NOTE: The following steps are optional.

  5. Enter a number in PRIORITY to order the processing of the indicated Object/Target/Group data.
  6. Enter the number of days to offset the indicated ObjectTarget/Group data from the Load Cycle’s planned start date in the DAYS FROM START text box.

    NOTE: This number must be a positive whole number.

  7. Select the associated OPPORTUNITY VIEW from the list box.
  8. Selected the associated ERROR VIEW from the list box.
  9. Enter the Where clause used to filter the Object’s execution data in the WHERE CLAUSE text box.
  10. Click Save.

Next, View the Migration Execution Plan Template for a Load Cycle.