Configure Data Source Paths for Transform

When the Stewardship Tier is installed, it is delivered with a set of Local File data source paths that must be configured on site.

To view the installed data source file paths:

  1. Select Advanced Data Migration > Console > Advanced Configuration > Parameters in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Transform tab.

NOTE: If the data source paths are not configured correctly, an error message displays on the Advanced Data Migration > Transform page. An administrator must configure File Path settings for the Local File data sources used by Transform before it can be used.

To configure the file paths (performed by an administrator):

  1. Select Admin > Data Sources in the Navigation pane.

  2. Locate data sources that begin with “DSW” and end with “FilePath”.

  3. Double-click each data source to open the Vertical View.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Enter the path in the Path field on the General tab.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click the Test Connection button in the Page toolbar to confirm the path is a valid one on the Stewardship Tier application server.