Naming Conventions

Syniti follows a very strict naming convention that provides a methodology for creating names that each member of the team can understand.

Every table has two names: informal and formal. Use the informal table name, such as MARC or MARA when naming objects.  Use the formal table name, such as ttMARC or ttMARA, when naming a Target rule.

Use the naming convention:

tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_Sel, displayed as: trMARA_MAKTXUpdSel.

The formal table name for this table is ttMAKT. Note that the informal table naming convention in this example does not produce trttMAKT_MAKTXUpdSel, rather it should produce the following name trMAKT_MAKTXUpdSel. This informal table name rule is also used when naming Source rules, Source/Target reports and Target exports.

Refer to the following table for the standard naming conventions to use throughout Transform.


Naming Convention

Source System ID

[Source System Name]_[Location]

NOTE: Location is optional.

Source Report


Sub-View for Source Reports

sv[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[AdditionalActionDescription][010]Sel or


Source Table


Source Repository

sdb[Source SystemID]

Source Rule

View: sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]UpdSel

Stored Procedure:  sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]Upd

If Field Groups are being used:

View: sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]UpdSel

Stored Procedure: Sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]Upd


If Field Groups are being used:

For Manual Rules (System won’t generate a namespace for these):

View: sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]_[AdditionalDescription]UpdSel

Stored Procedure: sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]_[AdditionalDescription]Upd

Sub-View for Source Rules

For Manual Rules only [System won’t generate a namespace for these]:

sr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[AdditionalDescription]_[010]UpdSel or


Final registered rule:


Target Table


Target Source

st[Target Name]_[Source System ID]

Target Rule

View: tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]UpdSel

Stored Procedure:  tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]Upd

If Field Groups are being used:

View: tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]UpdSel

Stored Procedure: tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]Upd


If Field Groups are not being used:

For Manual Rules (System won’t generate a namespace for these):

View: tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]_[AdditionalDescription]UpdSel

Stored Procedure: tr[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[FieldGroup]_[AdditionalDescription]Upd

Target Report

tv[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]_[Description]Sel or

tv[InformalTableName]_[Fieldname]Sel or



For Manual Reports the same naming convention should be followed.

Target Export


tx[InformalTableName]_[FieldName]Sel or


Import Packages (Created in Assemble)


Export packages (Created in Assemble)