Report Delivery

NOTE: Report Delivery allows users to access reports for objects in the currently selected wave and process area in the Context bar. The Migration Reports WebApp allows users to access reports at the object level. The Migration Reports WebApp provides a simplified version of Report Delivery. Using this WebApp, Business Contacts can quickly navigate to reports. Administrators can easily grant user access to reports by object. Refer to View Migration Reports for more information.

Report Delivery allows Business users (also called Business Contacts) who do not typically log in to the Stewardship Tier to log in, view and download the migration reports that are of interest to them.

Report Delivery allows Administrators to restrict report data access for sensitive information or limit it by report filters or target report segments.

This section provides information for two types of users. An Administrator configures Report Delivery. Business Users view the reports.

Any target, target source, or target Data Services report can be used on Report Delivery pages.

Transform does not display live data on reports, but stores a cached version of the last run of the report to display on Report Delivery pages.

To view reports:

  • The user must be a Business Contact at the object level in Migration Reports, at the object level in Console or at the target level in Target Design.

  • The report must be published. Refer to Publish Reports for more information.

  • The report must have been executed and returned data.

NOTE: In cases where reports have been configured with sensitive data, the user must be granted access to that data. Refer to Grant Users Access to Reports and Sensitive Data for more information.

This section contains tasks to: