View Dashboards in Transform

The Rule Report Summary dashboard displays a count of active Source rules, Source reports, Target rules and Target reports by Wave and Process Area.

The Report Process Count dashboard displays the number of processes running for reports broken out by report type.

The Change Summary dashboard displays the count of changes to all Object types in the Wave and Process Area.

Object types include:

  • Tables
  • Procedures
  • Views
  • Functions
  • Other – additional SQL objects, such as synonyms, triggers and table functions

Other charts on the dashboard track changes by day, week, and month.

Each chart in the dashboard allows the user to drill down to data in the level below it in the hierarchy to view data in increasing granularity.

The View Data icon to the right of a chart name opens a pane that displays the alternate text descriptions of chart data in a table.

Hover a cursor over each section of a bar to view the field count.

If a chart is 3D, a 3D Controls icon is available to adjust the chart angles.

NOTE: When multiple charts display on a dashboard, charts can be resized to view a layout more clearly. Drag the bar to the bottom right or upper left of a chart to change its display size.

NOTE: Click a label in the legend to hide or show that label’s section in the chart.

Transform dashboards include: