Application Development

Add a Toolbar Button

A toolbar displays at the top of the page, and contains buttons that can be used for page navigation, to link to additional pages or to perform some action, such as run a rule. These buttons can be created by modifying the Horizontal View. Toolbar buttons can also be created by using a Toolbar View. Refer to Toolbar Views for more information.

Use the following guidelines to determine when to create a Toolbar View and when to modify the Horizontal View to add buttons to the page toolbar:

  • If the button controls a page-level function, create a Toolbar View
  • If the button controls a row-level function, modify the Horizontal View with a column property

After a toolbar control has been added for a column, a toolbar button is added to the toolbar.

NOTE: A NULL column with an alias must be added to the underlying view to add a Toolbar button to a column that does not contain data. The view must be modified in SQL before the Toolbar button can be added.

NOTE: The Stewardship Tier can pass binding criteria to the Linked To page to display data relevant for that selected record. If binding criteria is not specified, the Linked To page binds on like primary keys. If the primary keys are different, the Linked To page displays all records. Refer to Add Binding Criteria when Linking to a Page for more information.

To add a Toolbar button in Stewardship Tier Application Development:

  1. Navigate to the Page Columns page’s Vertical View for the column with the Toolbar control. and click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Page Columns page

  2. Select the button image from the Image ID list box.
  3. Select the page to open when the toolbar button is clicked from the Link to Page ID list box.
  4. Click the Advanced Properties tab.
  5. Select an option in the Dynamic Link Type list box.

    NOTE: This option determines if the link is to a page, a view, or a URL.

  6. Select an option in the Link to Method list box.

    NOTE: This option sets whether the page that is accessed from the toolbar button overlays the existing page, or opens in a separate page.

  7. Click the Consider Valid check box.

    NOTE: If checked, the Stewardship Tier uses the boaStatus column to determine whether the control (in this case, the toolbar button) is active or dimmed. Refer to Use boaStatus to Set a Toolbar Button’s Control Status for more information.

  8. Click the Allow Multi Row Action check box.

    NOTE: If checked, a user can select multiple records on the Horizontal View and click the toolbar button to perform the action related to the toolbar button on multiple records at once.

  9. Click Save.