Application Development

Configure boaReport Reserved Column

When the boaReport reserved column is included in a Horizontal or Vertical View, a Report icon displays. If the value of boaReport is 1, the icon is enabled; if 0, the icon is disabled.

When generating a report on a page, the report is filtered down to a single record. If the record links to any other pages and the Report Follows Link column property is enabled, the report generator follows the link and includes the downstream pages in the report.

For example, assume a Customers page links to an Orders page which is linked to an Order Details page. The Report Follows Link option is enabled on all linked pages. The Customers page has a boaReport column. When the user clicks Report on the Page Options drop down on the Customers page, a report for a single customer displays. The report contains information for that customer, including orders and order line items.

To implement the boaReport Reserved Column:

  1. Select Admin > WebApps in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Pages icon for a WebApp.
  3. Click the Column Properties icon for a page.
  4. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Page Columns page

  5. Select Reports from COLUMN list box.

    NOTE: The Reports option is the boaReport reserved column.

  6. Select All Views from VIEW TYPE list box.
  7. Select Image from CONTROL list box.
  8. Select a page from LINK TO PAGE list box.

    NOTE: The Link To Page is the page that Stewardship Tier navigates to when the page link is clicked.

  9. Verify Enabled is selected from CONTROL STATUS list box.
  10. Click Save; the Vertical View displays.
  11. Select Report from Image ID list box.

    NOTE: Any Image ID can be used; however, Report is the commonly-used icon.

  12. Click Report Follows Link check box to include linked-to pages as sub-reports for each record.

    NOTE: Refer to Configure Report Generation for Linked Pages for more information.

  13. Click Link to Report check box to immediately run a report on the linked-to pages instead of displaying the page.

    NOTE: Refer to Link To Report Pages for more information.

  14. Click Save.