Application Development

Control Views

There are three categories of control views:

Status Control Views

Status Control Views provide a way to define column controls at run time based on data, pages or users. They are only available to use on custom pages in custom WebApps, not on delivered Stewardship Tier pages.

Status Control Views define standard Stewardship Tier control statuses for columns on a page where the control statuses are based on data rather than a column property.

Control statuses are:

  • 0 – Disabled
  • 1 – Enabled
  • 2 – Hidden

Refer to Set Column Control Status for further explanation of the control statuses.

In addition, select Syniti Reserved Columns can be defined in a Status Control View, for example, boaAdd, boaEdit and boaDelete.

The Stewardship Tier supports three types of Status Control Views:

When a page loads, Stewardship Tier uses the following hierarchy to determine page and column control (as in, which pages and columns display for a user):

  • WebApp Security Group
  • Page Properties
  • Page Column Properties
  • UCV
  • PCV
  • DCV

In this hierarchy, the most restrictive prevails. Once the control status of a column has been limited, it cannot be made less strict. For example, if one of the controls on a page sets a column to hidden (2), the column is hidden even if another Status Control View or column property sets the column to enabled (1).

In terms of Stewardship Tier:

  • Hidden always wins
  • Disabled beats enabled
  • If nothing hides or disables the column, the column is enabled.

Best Practices

  • When designing the Status Control View hierarchy for a page, design the views in a way to minimize duplicating logic in multiple views.
  • Be mindful that each Status Control View functions differently and serves a unique purpose.
  • Control Views are case sensitive. If a field is aliased differently from how it is defined in a page's table (for example, CopyClassData v. CopyCLASSData), the field may not display properly in the Stewardship Tier.

Page Views

Page views allow configuration at the page level through a view. The Stewardship Tier supports three types of page views:

  • Toolbar View – Provides a way to add buttons to the page toolbar.
  • Parameter View – Used to pass environmental variables.
  • Hover View – Displays text in the Information pane when hovering over a page title.

Column Views

Column Views allow configuration through a view at the column level. The Stewardship Tier supports one type of Column View, Defaults View, which is used to dynamically insert a value based on other criteria.