Application Development

Create a Dashboard Page

A Dashboard page can be created to display one or more charts. Dashboards are associated with a layout to determine how the charts display. A layout controls how and which charts display. Stewardship Tier comes delivered with Layout Templates that can be copied but not modified. Custom layouts can be created.

Layouts can also be added to the Layouts page. Refer to Add Layouts for more information.

NOTE: A layout that is currently assigned to a page cannot be modified. This is because if it were modified, the changes would cascade to all dashboards with potential undesired results. If a custom Layout needs to be modified, it must be unassigned from the page.

The Layouts page can be accessed through the Navigation pane, but it is more often accessed as part of creating a dashboard. The user clicks the + icon in the Layout ID field on the Vertical View of the Pages page to access the Layouts page to add the layout as part of dashboard creation.

To create a Dashboard page:

  1. Select Admin > WebApps > Pages in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Pages page

  3. Enter a description of the dashboard in DESCRIPTION field.
  4. Select Dashboard from PAGE TYPE list box.

    NOTE: Do not select a Table.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Either:

    Select the layout in the Layout ID list box and skip to step 18.


    Add a layout by clicking the + icon, the Layouts page displays.

  7. Enter a description of the dashboard in the DESCRIPTION field.
  8. Click Filter to select a Layout Template ID, the Layout Template ID page displays.
  9. Click Save next to the desired layout.
  10. Click Save on the Layouts page.
  11. Click the Layout Frames icon for the newly added layout, the Layout Frames page displays in a new tab.
  12. Click Edit for a Frame.
  13. Select a chart name from the DEFAULT PAGE ID list box.
  14. Click Save.

    NOTE: Repeat the previous three steps and select the chart name to display in each frame of the dashboard.

  15. Close the Layout Frames tab, and return to the Pages page.
  16. Click Edit.
  17. Select the dashboard from the Layout ID list box.
  18. Click Save.
  19. Close the Vertical View.

    NOTE: The Dashboard must be registered to the Navigation pane in the WebApp.

  20. Locate Dashboard on Pages page.
  21. Click Vertical View.
  22. Click the WebApp Name:  Switchboard link for Horizontal Menu ID.
  23. Click Add.
  24. Enter a number in the PRIORITY field.

    NOTE: The Priority sets the order that page displays on the Navigation pane.

  25. Select the created Dashboard page from Link to Page ID list box.
  26. Click Save.