Application Development

Include all Page Details in Reports

Report Follows Link is enabled by default and generates a report for the current Dynamic page for the Horizontal or Vertical Views.

This option is available for the Image control type only.

A report containing data from multiple pages may need to be generated. By clicking the Page settings gear and selecting Report, the report follows any and all page links associated with the primary page.

To generate a report of a page:

  1. Access the Page Columns page's Vertical View for the control that will link to the report.
  2. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Page Columns page

  3. Click report page link in the LinktoPageID field; the Page Column Links page displays.
  4. Click the Report Follows Link check box.

    NOTE: Report Follows Link instructs the web spider to include the WebApp page details in the report. This option can be applied to all other links on a page.

  5. Navigate back to the Page Columns page's Vertical View.
  6. Click Save.