Application Development

Set a Parameter Value for Business Rule Parameters for a Public WebApp Event

A public WebApp event can be accessed from any WebApp.

A public WebApp event can have parameters set that must be passed when calling that event from another event. These parameters are either:

The Business rule that calls the public WebApp event must pass values with a parameter type of Key or Required. The values to pass are defined on the Page Event Rule Parameters page.

NOTE: When creating an event, a key column property must be set if the page is based on a view or if the page doesn’t have a primary key. For example, a user creates a background event that runs on a Vertical View, but the parameter, the primary key, only displays on the Horizontal View.

The user must either:

  • Include the primary key as one of the arguments in the stored procedure (since it should be in both the Horizontal and Vertical View) and then, in the stored procedure, run a select statement to get another column's value from the Vertical View using the primary key.
  • Include the column in the Horizontal View and hide it via a column property with the Horizontal View type. Refer to Set Column Control Status for more information.

To set the parameter values to pass to the public WebApp event:

  1. Select Admin > WebApps in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Pages icon for a WEB APP NAME.
  3. Click the Events icon for a page.
  4. Click the Business Rules icon for an event.
  5. Click Vertical View for for a Business rule with a procedure type of WebApp Event.
  6. Click the Parameters icon.
  7. Click Edit.

    NOTE: The Parameter Name and Parameter Type were added on the Page Event Parameters page. If the Parameter Type is Required or Key, a Parameter Value must be added.

  8. Select a value from the PARAMETER VALUE list box.
  9. Click Save.