dspTrack™ Overview

dspTrack™ is a project tracking tool used to ensure project tasks are completed according to a project schedule and to alert managers when tasks and projects are in danger or being late or are late. The parameters for schedule status calculation can be fine tuned so that managers and resources can most effectively meet project deadlines. Dependency types for tasks ensure that tasks occur in the right order to complete the project efficiently.

dspTrack™ also allows resources to enter their progress on tasks and to receive email notifications when a task is ready to be worked on, is late, or is in danger of being late.

Project data can be imported from a Microsoft Project or Excel file or can be manually entered.

Work List Event Rules and Validations can be implemented at the plan, Plan Task, Work List Item or tag level to further customize how tasks move through the workflow.  

dspTrack™ integrates with Microsoft Project so that updates to the Critical Path in Microsoft Project are reflected in dspTrack™.

Setup and Configuration for dspTrack™

Before getting started with dspTrack™, verify the following has been completed:

  1. Set Up Security for dspTrack™
  2. Set the Upload Path for dspTrack™