Context, the Context Bar, and Navigation in ADM

Use Console to create a context, which is the combination of a Wave and Process Area, then assign an object, target and source (or multiple objects, targets and sources) to a context. A context creates a consolidated structure across ADM, which is accessible while working in any ADM component.

Generally, a migration project uses the components of ADM in this order:

  1. Console
  2. Design
  3. Map
  4. Construct
  5. Transform

As a user works with components in ADM, the context displays in the Context bar. Selecting the context allows the user access to the context’s assigned object, target and source.

The Context bar is also used to navigate throughout the components of ADM. Click the component name in the Context bar and the component opens. The user can then work in that component with the object, target and source assigned to the context.

While working in a migration project, a user works in one and only one context at a time. Since the Context bar displays the current context, a user can always know which objects, targets and sources are being worked on.

The Wave Process Areas that display on the Context Select page depend on the logged in user’s security settings.

All contexts display for a user if the user is assigned to the System Administrator security role. This role grants access to all Waves, including new Waves as they are added to Console. If a user belongs to a security role other than System Administrator , the keys for each new Wave-Process Area,and Wave-Process Area-Object be added to the security role when the Wave, Process Area, and object are added in Console. Once the keys are added, the associated context displays on the Context Select page. Refer to Set up Security for ADM for more information.

To switch to a new context in the Context bar:

  1. Click the context name in the Context bar.
  2. Click the link in the Wave Process Area column.

The Context bar updates, displaying the new context, and the object, target and source assigned to that context can be used in the component.

NOTE: If the user navigates to a component outside of ADM, the Context bar no longer displays.

NOTE: If a user is currently working in a context (for example, that context displays on the user’s Context bar), neither the Wave nor Process Area in the context can be deleted.