Enrichment Construction

Use Enrichment Construction when a field or a few fields should be constructed.

Enrichment Construction begins in Map, when a user maps a Target Source field using a Construction action. When submitted, the following Objects are created:

  • The Construct page with the Key fields, along with the field(s) mapped with an Action of Construct in Map.

    NOTE: Key fields are set as hard required on the Construct page and required fields are set to soft required.

  • A CranPort package associated with the Collect Target Source table registration
  • The Collect Target registration (if it doesn’t already exist)
  • The Collect Source registration (if it doesn’t already exist)
  • The Collect Target Source table registration

The Source for Enrichment Construction is added as an Update Row Source, and the relationship join to the Add Row Source is added automatically. The joins can be viewed in Map on the Relationship Joins page. As with any mapping, the Construction mapping must go through the Approvals process. The developer assigned to the Target-Source reviews the Construct page to approve or reject it. Refer to Approve or Reject Mappings for more information.

Once approved, a construction page is created that contains only the mapped field, not all active fields for the Target. This page has the same number of records as in the Source.

NOTE: New custom pages and existing custom pages created with Enrichment Construction can use Excel Integration and Bulk Execution.