Target Design

Import From a System Type

The design of a Target can be imported from a System Type, which contains generic information about external systems (for example, Target and Legacy) used for a data migration. Refer to System Types for more information about adding and configuring System Types.

NOTE:On the Targets page, Import Fields is available in Target Design to import one Target at a time. A user must enter the SYSTEM TYPE ID and the TARGET SYSTEM TABLE NAMEand click the Import Fields icon.

Target Import is also allowed (one or more Targets) from database tables or from an Excel file (using a template provided). Refer to Import a Target Design from a Database or Import a Target Design from an Excel file for more information.

When importing from a System Type, the user selects the table in the System Type to import. After a successful import, the table displays on the Targets page in Target Design, with the proper prefix appended to the front of the table name. When a user selects the Target on the Targets page, the fields in the Target table display on the Target Fields page.

After a table is imported, the Key fields on the table are assigned a criticality of High and a required level of Technical Required. For non-key fields, the criticality is set to Medium and the required level is set to Conditional.

NOTE: If a System Type does not have tables, an error displays on import, and the System Type cannot be imported. The count on the Tables icon on the Target Object Import: System Types page is 0. If a table in a System Type does not have fields, the table will be imported, but will have no fields in Target Design. The Fields icon on the System Type Import page displays 0.

NOTE: A System Type cannot be imported if no tables have been registered for the System Type in Common. Refer to Add System Tables and Fields for more information.

To import a System Type in Target Design:

  1. Click Target Import in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the System Types Import icon for an OBJECT ID in the parent pane.

    NOTE: If a System Type has been previously imported into Target Design the System Type can only be re-imported if the Target's Design Status is In Design. On the Targets page, if a Target is selected with a Design Status of Design Finished, Completed or Inactive, the Target Import icon is disabled.

  3. Click the Import icon for a SYSTEM TYPE in the child pane.
  4. Click the IMPORT check box to include a table in the import.

    NOTE: If an imported field is a Key field, the Verify Post Load check box is checked for the field by default on import.

    NOTE: Import can be checked for multiple tables at once. To select a contiguous range of records, hold down the Shift key and select the first and last records in the range. To select a non-contiguous range of records, hold down the Ctrl key and select each record. Click the Mark for Import icon. To exclude multiple tables from import, repeat these steps but click the Clear Import Flag icon.

  5. Click the Execute Import icon in the Page toolbar; a confirmation message displays.
  6. Click OK.

During the import, new records are added to the tables, fields, and lookup tables. If the records have been added into the Target previously, updates are applied to existing tables, fields and lookup tables.

NOTE: If a Source was added in Target Design during a System Type import, and the System Type tables for a Source contained an invalid length for a column, use the Reset functionality to update a Source table with the column’s correct length. Refer to Reset Target Source Schema Field Lengths for more information.