Target Design

Sync Data Source System Types Across Targets

A Source data source can be assigned to only one System Type across all Targets and Waves. For example, the Source data source of sdbSAP has been assigned to the System Type SAPLEGACY for the Target ttMARA. If the Target ttMAKT also uses the data source of sdbSAP, it cannot use a different System Type such as SAP. The data source sdbSAP must use the System Type SAPLEGACY.

An error displays when a user saves a Target Source that uses a Source data source–System Type combination that is not the same as all other Source data source-System Type combinations across all Targets in all Waves.

To correct this error, view the Source data source-System Type combinations across all Targets and sync them.

To sync:

  1. Select Configuration > Source in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Targets icon for the Source data source.

    NOTE: The page displays all Targets in all Waves that use the data source, including Targets where the System Type has not been saved for the Source data source.

  3. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Source Where Used page

  4. Select the System Type in the SYSTEM TYPE ID list box that should be used for a Target.

NOTE: The same System Type should be selected for each Target that has a System Type set.