Target Sources (Add Row)

To access this page:

  1. Click Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Map in the Context bar.
  3. Click the Targets icon on the Process Area Launch page.
  4. Click the Sources icon for a Target.
  5. Click the Update Row Sources icon for a Source.



Sync from Target Design

Click to sync Map with Target Design, updating tables, fields, Sources and lookup tables.

When Map and Target Design are out of sync, the message Pending Design Changes displays to the right of the page name.

Auto Map

Click to create a copy of the rule mappings for fields that exist in the Target table and the Source database object. The fields in the Target table and the Source database object must match for rule mappings to be created.


Displays the name of the Source table or view, and the description in the format TABLE (DESCRIPTION).

NOTE: In order for the description to display with the table name, it must be defined in the System Type assigned to the Data Source in Common. If a description is not defined, the Source ID displays with the table name.

NOTE: When a user sets the Source database object and clicks Save, Map validates that the Source database object exists in the System Type. If the Source database object does not exist:

If the user imported a System Type in Target Design for the Target Source, the Source database object is imported into the System Type.

If the user did not import a System Type in Target Design (i.e., an Excel file import, database table import, or manual entry was used for the Target Design), Map displays an error message that the user must set a System Type before field mapping can be performed. Add a System Type to a Target in Target Design (Design > Targets >Vertical View for a Target > System Type ID).


If checked, the Source is active for the Wave.

Secondary Source

Click to open the Target Sources (Update Row) page to add an Update Row Source to the selected Add Row Source.

Add an Update Row when data from another Source table is needed to update the Add Row Source.


Click to open the Field Mappings page to create and reset field mappings for all fields in the selected Add Row Source, to view the history for a selected mapping, or to view mapping details. A number does not display on this icon if no field mappings have been activated for the current context.