Manual Rule

The Manual Rule action is used when a rule is too complex to be automatically generated and must be written.

NOTE: Basic and Complex rules are managed in Target Design. They are not edited or submitted in Map. The mapping for a field with either a complex rule or both a complex and a basic rule displays in Map with an Action of Manual Rule.  Refer to Add a Basic Rule and Add a Complex Rule for more information.

NOTE: A mapping with a Manual Rule action cannot be saved unless the fields SOURCE TABLE, SOURCE FIELD, DEFAULT VALUE, and RULE SQL on the Horizontal View are blank and the Target Relationship ID field on the Vertical View is empty on the Field Mappings page.

To create a field mapping using the Manual Rule action on the Field Mappings page:

  1. Select the field to be mapped.
  2. Click Edit.

        View the field descriptions for the Field Mappings page

  3. Select Manual Rule from the ACTION list box.
  4. Enter Mapper's notes in the RULES COMMENT field.

    NOTE: Enter as much technical information available for the developer to build the rule.

  5. Click Save.

    NOTE: The Generate Rule check box is unchecked by default on the Vertical View. Developers must manually build source rules for mapping with this Action.

  6. Click the Submit icon on the Page toolbar.

The mapping must be approved by a Developer on the Mapping Approval page for documentation purposes and to help track progress of the data migration project. Refer to Mapping Approvals and Assign Developers to a Target or Source for more information.

Once the mapping has been submitted, the Action, Source Table, Source Field and Default Value fields do not allow updates until one of the following events occurs:

  • The Developer clicks Reject on the Mapping Approval page.
  • The Mapper clicks Reset on the Field Mappings page.

NOTE: When a user clicks Reset, Mapping By, Submitted By, Created By and Approved By field will be reset to NULL values. The Rejected By field does not update and contains the user ID of the Developer who rejected the mapping on the Mapping Approval page. The Mapper can contact the Developer with any questions.

Once the fields allow update, edit them, click Save, and click the Submiticon on the Page toolbar. This updated mapping is sent to the Developer for review on the Mapping Approval page.