Refresh Target and Legacy Values

In value mapping, an individual value in a Source field is configured to be converted to a value that the Target system accepts in the Target field.

These values display in the list boxes Legacy Value and Target Value on the Value Mapping (Legacy to Target) page. If no options display in these list boxes (as in, the only option in the list box is None), the Target values and legacy values must be refreshed on the Wave Check Table Refresh page.

NOTE: Lookup tables are either created in Target Design or imported into Target Design with a System Type. When changes to lookup tables are saved in Target Design, those changes are automatically synced to Map. Refer to Set up Lookup Tables for more information.

Prior to performing the refresh, ensure:

  • The selected Wave is active. (Console > Waves; Enable the ACTIVE check box).
  • The Target System and Client are the correct ones to use for value mapping for the selected Wave (Console > Waves; click Vertical View).
  • The lookup tables have been downloaded in Collect. Refer to Refresh Tables for more information.
  • The lookup table is active and the lookup table’s type is Configuration.

To refresh the values in Map:

  1. Select Configuration > Wave Check Table Refresh in the Navigation pane.
  2. Select the Wave that contains the lookup tables.

    NOTE: Ensure the ACTIVE check box is checked.

  3. Click the Refresh Target Values icon or the Refresh Legacy Values icon in the Page toolbar; a confirmation message displays.
  4. Click OK.

The list boxes Legacy Value and Target Value on the Value Mapping (Legacy to Target) page display the legacy values and/or the Target values used in value mapping. Refer to Perform Value Mapping for more information.

To refresh values for a single Target or Source, refer to Refresh Lookup Tables for more information.