View Field Mapping History

On the Field Mapping History page, a user can view changes made to a selected field’s mapping. A new record is created on this page when:

  • The mapper submits a mapping on the Field Mappings page.
  • A Developer approves or rejects a mapping on the Mapping Approval page.
  • A mapper resets a mapping to update it if a Developer rejects the mapping.

If a field belongs to multiple field groups, changes for each of these field groups also display.

NOTE: If a field has not yet been mapped (as in, both the Mapping Status and the Rule Status are Pending Review), no records display for the field on the Field Mapping History page.

NOTE: If the message regarding pending design changes displays next to the Field Mappings page’s title, the field data is out of sync with Target Design. Until Map and Target Design are synced, field mapping history may not be accurate. Refer to Sync Map and Target Design for more information.

Mapping History is not tracked if an action is preformed outside of Map. The following fields do not display any mapping history records on the Field Mapping History page:

  • Sources of {Full Construction}
  • A field that has a complex or basic rule added in Target Design.  No mappings can be performed in Map and therefore no field mapping history records display.

To view mapping history for a field in Map:

  1. Click Map in the Context bar.
  2. Click the Targets icon on the Process Area Launch page.
  3. Click the Mappings icon for a Target.
  4. Select a field and click the History icon in the Page toolbar.