Add Roles

Roles are used for notification purposes, such as emailing information pertinent to the completion of an interface. Roles allow multiple users to receive notifications for the different interfaces running.

A Business role and a Development role can be assigned to each interface. These roles can receive notification emails depending on notification options. Refer to Set Up Notifications for an Interface for more information.

After a role has been added, users and their associated instances are assigned to the role.

NOTE: The email addressed configured to the user assigned to the Admin role is used as the From address for the interface notification emails. Assign a user to the Admin Role under by editing the Admin Role field on the Parameters page.

To add a role in Automate:

  1. Select Configuration > Roles in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field description for the Roles page

  3. Enter the descriptive name in the ROLE field.
  4. Click Save.