Automate Overview

Automate, a middleware tool, is a Stewardship Tier WebApp that allows automated processing of tasks. An interface can be designed using events, stored procedures, workflows, etc. to manage a complete business process.  The interface can then be scheduled to run automatically during off hours. 

For example, Automate could connect various corporate systems with SAP and allow data to flow smoothly between them based on exact specifications. An Interface Designer can rapidly deploy new interfaces or can modify the existing interfaces without weeks of designing and programming.

Automate uses ANSI Standard SQL as its ELT language. It supports FTP, workflow and interactive web pages for managing data repair and error handling.

Automate can support any native Stewardship Tier response capability including:

  • Stored Procedures
  • Workflow
  • Assemble (formerly known as “CranPort”)

Set Up and Configuration for Automate