Assign Users to Roles

Assign users to roles so that specific users can receive the appropriate notifications. The “Best Practice” is to add the From Email to the Admin group and make two or more groups of users assigned to the Development and Business roles.

NOTE: Users are added in System Administration. Refer to Set Security for more information.

To assign users to a role in Automate:

  1. Select Configuration > Roles in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Users icon for the desired role.
  3. Click Add.

    View the field description for the Role (Instance) page

  4. Select an instance from the INSTANCE list box.

    NOTE: The Instance selected MUST match the Instance field in 2 additional places in order for email notifications to properly work: the Parameters page in Automate and the Parameters page in System Administration.

  5. Select a user ID from the USER ID list box.
  6. Click Save.