System Administration

Add a Column to an Index

While adding an index, an Administrator adds at least one searchable column.

Before performing this task, Create an Index and Configure an Index, if needed.

Refer to Build Indices for a Data Source for general information.

To add a column to an index.

  1. Select Admin > Data Sources in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Index icon for a data source.
  3. Click Columns.
  4. If no records exist, the page displays in add mode. Otherwise, click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Index Columns page

  5. Select a field from Column list box.
  6. Select an ID from Dictionary ID list box.

    NOTE: Dictionaries are used to associate a synonym or abbreviation with a word. Refer to Create Column Dictionaries for more information.

  7. Click the Searchable check box to mark the column as searchable.

    NOTE: At least one column must be searchable to build the index.

  8. Click the Duplicate Detection check box if the column is searched when looking for duplicates.
  9. Click the Key check box if this column is the table key.

    NOTE: If the table does not have a key, one must be manually defined. Refer to Assign Key Columns for more information.

  10. Click Save.

Continue with Build the Index.