Use this page to view dashboards at the Object level.

To access this page in ADM:

  1. Click Map in the Context bar.
  2. Click the Objects icon on the Process Area Launch page.




Displays the object priority as set in Console.


Displays the name of the Object created in Console and associated with the current context.


Displays the description of the Object that is configured in Console.


Click to open the Targets page to work with all Targets assigned to the selected Object in Console, and to create Targets, build reports, and build rules and remediation rules.

Summary Field Mapping

Click to open a dashboard with charts that display data about field mapping status for all fields in all Targets and Sources in the selected Object.

Summary Mapping Status

Click to open a dashboard that displays summary data for mapping status and rule status for Source rules, Source reports, Target rules and Target reports.


Click to open the Target Summary dashboard to view charts that provide an overview of the mapping process by Object.