Mass Maintenance

Configure Request Statuses

The number of days a request is active is controlled by the request status. The Request Status Parameters feature enables users to define a Default Retention Interval to each request status type. The Default Retention Interval controls how many days requests of a certain Request Status remain active before they are archived. The Default Retention Interval is applied to all new templates. Modify the Default Retention Interval if the defaults are not appropriate.

NOTE: These request statuses were installed with the Stewardship Tier cannot be deleted. A user can modify these statuses and add new statuses.

Refer to Change Request Status for more information.

To configure request statuses:

  1. Select Setup > Request Status on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Edit for a request status.

    View the field descriptions for the Request Status page.

  3. Enter a description of the status in DESCRIPTION field, e.g., Posting Scheduled, Finished, or Cancelled.
  4. Enter a value in DEFAULT RETENTION INTERVAL field.

    NOTE: The DEFAULT RETENTION INTERVAL is the number of days before a request in this status is archived.

  5. Select an option in the IMAGE list box. Once the record is saved, the image displays in the IMAGE PREVIEW field.

    NOTE: The IMAGE list contains images supplied by the Stewardship Tier.

  6. Click Save.