Mass Maintenance

Configure Workflow Messages

Several workflow messages are delivered with Mass Maintenance and can be modified but not deleted. No workflow messages can be added.

Mass Maintenance sends workflow messages when certain events occur, such as when a request is ready for processing by the next role in the workflow, when a request is reset or rejected, or when an email sent by an External Data role fails validations.

Workflow messages can be set for multiple languages.

Refer to Set up Workflow Messages for more information.

NOTE: The address in the EMAIL FROM column for the EmailValidation event and the ExternalData event are identical on the Workflow Language Message page's Horizontal View by default. These addresses must be configured on site, and should contain the same email address.

To modify a workflow message:

  1. Select Setup > Workflow Message on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Messages for a LANGUAGE ID.
  3. Click Edit for an event to modify an existing message.

    View the field descriptions for the Workflow Language Message page's Vertical View.

  4. Enter the email subject line text in SUBJECT field.
  5. Enter text to display in the body of the workflow message in MESSAGE field.
  6. Enter a valid email address in EMAIL FROM field.

    NOTE: The EMAIL FROM value must be configured at the client site. The email address must contain an @ sign and a period (.) to be considered valid.

  7. Click Save.