Mass Maintenance

Set Up Workflow Messages

Requests are workflow-enabled, meaning that each user assigned to a role in a request can receive a notification when the role has work assigned. A workflow is a notification method called during an event, in this case, when a role is finished.

When one stage of work has been completed for a request, Mass Maintenance sends an email and displays a notification pop-up to that user from within Mass Maintenance notifying all members of the next dependent role or roles they have tasks to complete. The email contains a link to trigger specific events and to launch the relevant page in Mass Maintenance.

Workflow messages can be configured. Refer to Configure Workflow Messages for more information.

NOTE: Workflow messages can be configured for the languages that display in the LANGUAGE ID column. These languages are defined as active in the Stewardship Tier.

Mass Maintenance can be configured to use the recipient’s user name or email address in the workflows.

To view the list of delivered workflow messages:

  1. Select Setup > Workflow Message on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Messages for a language.

NOTE: The EVENT column lists the event that triggers the message to be sent.

For example, when a user finishes a role by clicking Finish on the Request (Roles) page, the Finish event is triggered, and an email notification and a pop-up notification from within Mass Maintenance are sent to the next person(s) responsible for subsequent role(s). The email and notification contain the workflow message associated with the Finish event.

Workflow messages must be enabled for a user.

To enable workflow messages:

  1. Select Configuration > Users on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the SEND WORKFLOW check box to enable workflow messaging for a user.

To set workflow message to use the recipient’s email or user name:

  1. Select Setup > Parameters on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Use UserID in Workflow check box to enable it or disable it.

NOTE: If the Use UserID in Workflow check box is checked, Mass Maintenance uses the recipient’s user name when sending workflow emails, making the workflow semi-anonymous. If unchecked, Mass Maintenance uses the recipient’s email address.

The following tables lists the type of workflow messages and the role(s) that receives them.


Role that Receives Workflow

All records in a request are rejected.

Initial Data role

Request is canceled.

Initial Data role

Request is deleted.

Initial Data role

Initial Role  is ready to be processed in an External Request Scenario that does not contain an External Data role

Initial Data role

New request is created automatically from rejected records from a partial approval.

Initial Data role

Role is reset.

Any Data role that worked on the request

Role is finished.

Next role to be processed in the workflow

Role validated.

Any Data role that worked on the request.

If a validation threshold is set and the number of validation failures exceeds the validation threshold, the validation threshold contact also receives a workflow message.

External request scenario with External Data role is ready to be processed

External Data role

External Role data entry fails validation.

External Data role

Role is made active and ready to be processed

Next role in the workflow.