Use Bulk Execution

Bulk Execution is the ability to run an OnValidate event in the foreground on a Stewardship Tier page for all records or a subset of those records via a simple, guided user experience.

A Page Designer must enable Bulk Execution on a Construct page or a page in a custom WebApp. Refer to Enable Bulk Execution for a Page for more information. These pages, deployed at customer sites by technical power users, are used by business users, SMEs, and other data contributors. Sometimes, data contributors need to validate all records or a subset of records on a page. After Bulk Execution completes, the results allow users to direct their efforts to those records that failed the validations.

Without Bulk Execution, the user would need to click each record individually to validate it. Typically, a construction page or custom application page has hundreds or thousands of records. Given the record volumes, the ability to validate all records is required to facilitate a viable user experience.

Once Bulk Execution is started, the process runs in the background and the panel remains visible. The user can navigate away and work on other pages while Bulk Execution is running. To use the Bulk Execution panel again after navigating to another page, click the Return to Page icon on the Control Panel tab. The page where Bulk Execution is being performed displays, and the panel displays with the settings and filters applied.

If the user refreshes the browser or the session times out while Bulk Execution is running, the panel restores with the tab that was active, and with the options that were selected. If the user refreshes the browser or the session times out after Bulk Execution has completed, the Results tab displays.

Results are stored in the database for 6 hours after completion of the Bulk Execution process.

If the user closes the browser or the panel after Bulk Execution completes, the results no longer display. The process must be run again.

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