Import a Data Source

An Administrator performs this task to add data source metadata for System Types. This process updates existing fields, adds new tables and fields to the System Type, and loads the table and field data from the tables into the selected data source so that they appear in Target Design. By adding only the new data, customizations to the System Type are not lost.

Before this task can be performed, the data source should be populated in the SQL databases with all the required tables. This is usually done through the fetch tables process in Collect.

To import a data source:

  1. Click System Types in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Vertical View for System Type.
  3. Click Import From Data Source or Model on the Page toolbar.
  4. Click Edit

    View the field descriptions for the System Type Import page

  5. Select the data source from Data Source ID list box.

    NOTE: The data source selected must be a database on the local SQL server (i.e., a dg* or sdb* data source).

  1. Select the System Type model from the System Type Model list box.

    NOTE: An SAP System Type model is delivered with the product.

  2. Select a language from the Language ID list box.

    NOTE: If the Language ID is not set, the default value defined in the Stewardship Tier is used.

  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Import.

The following actions are completed:

  • A list of Tables and corresponding fields is imported into a System Type.
  • The descriptions of those tables and fields is imported.
  • Fields are flagged as key fields.
  • Check Tables are assigned to fields.
  • The table and field data from the tables found in the selected data source is loaded; a confirmation message displays.

10. Click Ok.