Wave Process Area Object Business Contact

To access this page:

  1. Select Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane, or select Console in the Context bar.
  2. Click Waves in the Navigation pane.
  3. Click the Process Areas icon for a Wave.
  4. Click the Objects icon for a Process Area.
  5. Click the Business Contacts icon on the Process Area : Object page.




Displays the user ID of the user who can view Migration reports for the object selected on the Process Area : Object page. In addition to making the user a Business Contact for the object, the following must be completed for reports to display for that user on Migration Reporting pages and throughout ADM:

  • The report must be published. Refer to Publish Reports or more information.

  • The report must have been executed and returned data.


Displays Business, indicating this user is a Business Contact, a user type that can be used to grant access to Migration reports at the object, target or target source level. Refer to View Migration Reports and Report Delivery for more information.