Data Quality

Data Quality Overview

Data Quality is the analytical component of the Stewardship Tier that facilitates reporting on and maintaining high quality master data. It allows business users to:

  • Pull data from the ERP database on a scheduled or an on-demand basis to constantly review data, especially data that could cause a significant business process interruption

  • Establish data quality thresholds and view data quality scores and status

  • Organize and display quality metric reports via web access or other formats for process improvement
  • Identify and send errors (via workflow notifications) to business users for cleansing

Data Quality is delivered with a standard set of reports. Users can also create custom reports to fit their business needs.

Setup and Configuration for Data Quality

Before getting started with Data Quality, verify the following steps have been completed:

  1. Register Report Repositories (referred to as Data Sources) in Common
  2. Set up Security (performed by an Administrator)
  3. Configure Path of Reports (performed by an Administrator)
  4. Configure Data Quality Parameters
  5. Set up Structure
  6. Configure SAP Client Name for Data Quality Reports
  7. Populate Configuration Tables
  8. Configure Schedules on Services Pages