Data Quality

Populate Configuration Tables

The Configuration Tables define the meta-data for standard and user-created reports.

This use case covers the following topics:

Register Quality Dimensions

A Quality Dimension is a recognized term used by data management professionals to describe a feature of data that can be measured or assessed against defined standards to determine data quality.

To register Quality Dimensions:

  1. Select Data Quality > Configuration > Quality Dimension in Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Quality Dimension page

  3. Enter a dimension in QUALITY DIMENSION field.
  4. Enter a priority in the PRIORITY field.

  5. Enter a description in the DESCRIPTION field.

  6. Click the Active check box to make the Quality Dimension active.

  7. Click Save.

Register Data Quality Score Thresholds

Thresholds define the status assigned to an object being scored when the percentage of defects falls below the threshold. Statuses are Red (critical), Yellow (warning) and Green and are displayed on summary pages, charts and dashboards in Data Quality.

Data Quality is delivered with a default threshold setting based on the sigma levels displayed on the Sigma Levels page. Additional threshold settings can be added to meet the project needs.

To register data quality score thresholds:

  1. Select Configuration > Data Quality Score Thresholds in Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Data Quality Score Thresholds page

  3. Enter a name in the NAME field.
  4. Enter or select a percentage for the critical threshold in the CRITICAL THRESHOLD field.
  5. Enter or select a percentage for the critical threshold in the WARNING THRESHOLD field.

    NOTE: If Enable Sigma Level is checked on the Parameters page, sigma levels are available for selection in the critical and warning threshold list boxes. Sigma levels can be viewed on the Sigma Levels page.

  6. Click Save.

Customize Group Metric Graph

Data Quality is delivered with a sample group metric Excel spreadsheet that can be customized by groups, connection strings and data length to meet the project needs.

To customize the Initial Connection and Groups for the Group Metric Graph:

  1. Select Configuration > Parameters in Navigation pane.
  2. Click Metric Parameters tab.
  3. Verify the following parameters are configured:

    • Graph Directory Path

    • Metric Report Day

    • Metric Report Week

    • Metric Report Month

    NOTE: The views are created for the groups once a complete metric cycle has finished. Configure the metric parameters to set the number of days, weeks and months, respectively, which are stored in the metrics.

  4. Select Configuration > Group Metric Graph in Navigation pane.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Open the Excel file.
  8. Click MonthlyData worksheet.
  9. Right-click the A-1 cell.
  10. Select Edit Query.
  11. Update the Connection information to match that of the client site.
  12. Repeat steps 7– 9 for the WeeklyData and DailyData worksheets within the Excel workbook.
  13. Update the graph to match the local groups, if applicable.
  14. Click Upload on the Group Metric Graph page to upload the modified Excel file.