Data Quality

Tips and Troubleshooting

This section outlines common error messages that display in Data Quality and a solution to work around the error.

It contains the following sections:

Change Frequency of User Workflows

Issue: When the Group Schedule ID and Workflow Schedule ID for Groups are set to run more frequently than the Workflow Schedule ID set at the Report level, the following message displays:

Workflow has been requested more frequent than when reports is process. Workflow will only be sent when the report has been executed.

Solution: Set the Workflow Schedule ID on the Groups page or the Workflow Schedule ID on the User (Reports) page to Send Upon Completion. Otherwise, the Workflow Schedule ID  fields must be set to a lower frequency.

Enable Metric Data Information

Issue: If the Report Metric Data Build check box is enabled on the Repository Reports page and the Report Columns are not configured, the following error message displays:

Metric Data Options is turned on but no columns have been selected.

Solution: Users have enabled the Metric Data feature, but have not selected columns. There is no negative impact to Data Quality. Click Report Columns to select columns. The Report Metric Data Build setting is ignored until columns are selected.