Data Quality

View Dashboard Metrics

Several reports are available to provide group, report and user metrics. To view metric reports, click Dashboard in the Navigation pane and click a report. The following metric reports are available:

  • Reports (Errors) – Displays error metrics organized by report.
  • Group (Errors) – Displays error metrics organized by group.
  • User (Errors) – Displays error metrics organized by user. A Reports icon is available to view reports assigned to an individual user.
  • Reports (Metrics) – Displays metrics organized by report.
  • Report Day (Metrics) – Displays daily report metrics.
  • Report Week (Metrics) – Displays weekly report metrics.
  • Report Month (Metrics) – Displays monthly report metrics.
  • Group Day (Metrics) – Displays metrics organized by daily reports.
  • Group Week (Metrics) – Displays metrics organized by weekly reports.
  • Group Month (Metrics) – Displays metrics organized by monthly reports.
  • Chart Day (Metrics) – Displays a graph of the daily report metrics.
  • Chart Week (Metrics) – Displays a graph of the weekly report metrics.
  • Chart Month (Metrics) – Displays a graph of the monthly report metrics.
  • User Filters (Metrics) – Displays metrics for reports with filters, organized by filter operator.
  • Report Data (Metrics) – Displays metrics on tracked columns in reports. Refer to Track Error Records on Reports for detailed information.