Set up Security for Integrate

To grant access to all Integrate categories, refer to Access All Data Security Definition.

User access can also be restricted to specific Integrate categories. This restriction can be done by granting user access to specific Security Definition Key Values. Either:

  • Assign the user to a security role that contains the permitted key values associated with the Integrate category's Security Definition, or
  • Assign the Integrate category's Security Definition Key values to the user through a user-specific security definition.

Refer to Set Security for more information.

A user can then:

  1. Create Integrate Categories in Integrate.

    An Administrator can then:

  2. Assign the security key for the newly created Integrate category to the security role.

NOTE: On Integrate pages that allow the user to input or edit a WHERE clause, restrict access to trusted users with elevated security.

NOTE: Security keys must be assigned to a role every time a new category is created in Integrate.