Integrate Overview

Integrate is a component of the Syniti Stewardship Tier that contains loading mechanisms to push data into an ERP system.

Integrate loads data to SAP using:

  • Batch Data Communication (BDC) processing
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) scripting
  • A Remote Function Call (RFC) or a BAPI

Integrate can also create and transfer user defined text files formatted as Delimited, Fixed Width, or XML to the SAP server.

Integrate uses standard SAP posting functionality as well as Syniti delivered custom processing and can be used by any Stewardship Tier component (including the framework) to post data to the target system.

Integrate is organized into templates and processes. A template is based on a template type and defines how data is posted into an ERP system. Templates are not tied to data, but rather act as an independent guide for posting that can be assigned to many processes. A process is a series of posting steps that defines how Integrate takes data from the component and loads it into SAP.

NOTE: Integrate is an automation tool that allows experienced SAP users to leverage data loading capabilities provided by SAP. Knowledge of how to use SAP loading technologies such as BDC is required to use Integrate and the documentation and technical support included does not cover specific usage details or how this technology works. The use cases provided are examples only and do not supply comprehensive instructions to suit all situations.

Setup and Configuration for Integrate

Before getting started with Integrate, verify the following steps have been completed:

NOTE: These steps should only be completed by a developer or a system administrator.

  1. Set up Security
  2. Configure Parameters
  3. Connect via a Direct Connection or a Gateway Connectionstablish a Connection to a Target System
  4. Create Categories

A user can also Extract RFC Functions.

NOTE: Refer to Configure Integrate Parameters for additional configuration settings.