Process Templates H

Process Templates V

Use this page to Add Templates to a Process.

To access this page:

  1. Select Integrate > Categories from Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Processes icon for a category.
  3. Click the Templates icon for a process.




Displays the order the process templates are processed.


Displays the name of the template associated with the process.

Allowed Connections

Click to open the Process Template Connections page to modify the connections for the process template.

The count on the icon is the number of connections that exist for the selected process template.


Click to open theProcess Template Loop page to view and edit the loops in this process template. The number is the total number of loops in the template process  whether the loops are included or not.

After Post Rules

Click to open the Process Templates: After Post Rules page to register rules that run after the selected process template finishes posting.

Process Templates V

Process Templates H

This page has the following tabs:

General tab




Template ID

Displays the name of the template associated with the process.

File Creation Settings


Displays the path and folder name of the folder on the server where the files should be stored. The default value is set in Common, on the Integrate – Parameters page. Displays for  User Defined template types only.

Data Source ID

Displays the ID of the data source to which files should be transferred after they are created.

Flat File Submit Settings

No Data Symbol

Displays a symbol to represent “no data” in the process post. If the field is blank, Integrate uses an empty string.

Copy tab



Copy Process Template

Click to open the Copy page to create a process template based on this process template.