Copy a Template

Integrate allows a user to copy an existing template to create a new template in any category. A copy of a template includes all settings in the original template, including:

  • Screens, fields, loops and conditionals in the case of BDC Scripts and GUI Scripts

  • Custom commands in the case of GUI Scripts

  • Structures and fields in the case of User Defined templates

  • Global Variables in SAP Data Services templates

NOTE: Copy template functionality is not available for BAPI/RFC template types.

A copy of a template does not copy the processes associated with the original template.

NOTE: A template can be copied whether the template is active or not.

To copy a template:

  1. Select Categories on Navigation pane.
  2. Click Templates for a category.
  3. Click Vertical View for the template that should be copied.
  4. Click Copy tab.
  5. Click Copy Template.

    NOTE: The Copy Type displays Template.

  6. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Copy page.

  7. Select a category name in the Copy to Category list box.

    NOTE: All categories added to Integrate display.

  8. Enter a name in Copy To Template Name.

    NOTE: This name must be unique. The name can contain all letters (A-Z), all numbers (0-9), and underscores. It cannot contain special characters. Integrate will replace special characters with underscores when the template is saved.

    NOTE: This field is required to perform the copy.

  9. Enter a description in Copy To Template Description.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Execute; a confirmation message displays.

    NOTE: This button is disabled until required fields are completed.

  12. Click Ok.

The template is added to the category. It must be activated, and then can be assigned to a process.