Monitor Posts

Integrate allows a user to monitor process posts, whether submitted in the background or foreground, for success or failure; view messages returned from the target system; and view each process post’s data exactly as it was sent to the target system.

The Post Monitor page displays the current posting status for all posts.

To monitor posts on the Post Monitor page:

  1. Select Post Monitor from Navigation pane to view details about every process post.


    Access the Post Monitor page for a specific process post by selecting Monitor on the Process Post page Horizontal View.

  2. Click Vertical View for a process post to view additional details about the post, including a message returned from the target system regarding post status, the status of the current template, and audit information.  In the case of process posts based on User Defined templates, a link to the file Integrate created also displays.
  3. Click Templates.

    NOTE: The Post Monitor: Template page provides details about each template in the process, including the number of records posting for each template and the status of the template posting.

  4. Click Files.

    NOTE: The Post Files page lists each file that was posted to the target system for the post process. Multiple files represent batches of data set by the Batch Size on the Process Postpage’s Vertical View on the Advanced tab. This page also display statuses for the file, including posting status and remote system status, and provides a link to download the file that was created in the case of a process post based on  User Defined template. This page does not display data for a process post based on a BDC Script, GUI Script, or BAPI/RFC template.

To monitor complicated background posts to ensure they ran as scheduled (and override the schedule and post immediately if necessary):

  1. Select Advanced > Post Engine from Navigation pane.

    NOTE: The Post Engine page lists details about the background posting, including the template in the process post that is currently being processed, and the time the posting began.

  2. Click Post Adapter to view the data as it was submitted for the process post, and to submit the post again using one of the posting methods. Refer to Posting Methods for more information.