Post Data Using a Custom Template

Custom templates provide the ability for a developer to post to proprietary systems not supported by Integrate by providing a custom implementation for the Process Template interface which Integrate can execute.

A developer could use a custom implementation to allow MDM to act as a Master Data Management HUB for the most complicated Enterprise Architectures. For example, a custom implementation could be used to build a custom plugin that is intended to load data into third party on-premise or cloud systems.  Some custom systems, such as SuccessFactors, Ariba, or Workday, need data elements captured in MDM and federated to their cloud environments. The plugin to call the web service or a custom plugin to load that data can be created and brought into the Business Process in correlation with other targeted systems of MDM.  

A developer must create all of the associated files and code to support the Custom template.

During template creation in Integrate, the user enters the assembly file name (a .dll) and the Type File Name that is specific to the Custom template.

To post using a Custom template: